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Limited Warranty

Grado warranties that if your Grado Headphones prove to be defective within a period of one year from a verified date of purchase, Grado will provide without charge the parts and labor to remedy any such defect.


Shipping charges from the consumer to Grado Laboratories will be paid by the consumer. Shipping charges from Grado to the consumer will be paid by Grado. Before shipping your headphones to Grado please be certain that a defect in your headphones does really exist and that it is not a problem with your associate equipment. If the headphones returned for warranty repair prove to be without defect, Grado will return the headphones to the consumer freight collect.


When returning defective headphones to Grado for repair, whether in or out of warranty, please insure your package and if possible request a return receipt from your carrier.


Grado headphones will not be accepted for warranty repair unless they are accompanied by the original bill of sale, your charge or credit receipt or any satisfactory proof of the original date of purchase from a retail dealer. Copies of proof of purchase are not acceptable.


Any signs of misuse or abuse will automatically void any and all warranty privileges.


Grado reserves the right to make changes in design and improvements upon its products without assuming any obligation to install such changes upon its products previously manufactured. No other warranty may be implied.



Grado Headphones are virtual state of the art in headphone design and the extremely low distortion at all volume levels makes listening to all kinds of program material a wonderful, pleasure-filled experience. The listener should exercise a reasonable amount of caution at all times when listening to headphones of any brand or type, and avoid the tendency to gradually increase the volume level. This volume level could be increased to a point whereby continuous listening at high levels could seriously impair your hearing.


Grado headphones have been designed to resolve the smallest detail of any sound at any sound level, therefore, it is not necessary to listen to music at high levels to achieve musical satisfaction. Grado headphones have an extremely low listening fatigue level, therefore, potential hearing impairment is significantly reduced over other headphones. We still strongly recommend that you do not abuse your hearing by 'overdoing' it.


As with any mechanical device, the headphones will improve in performance with use. We firmly recommend not allowing the headphones to play continuously  for extended periods of time. We strongly suggest  letting the headphones break in naturally with normal use.


If your headphones fit a little tight, the headband may be stretched open slightly by pulling at the ends.  Don't over-stretch the headband, or it may become too loose.


If you have any questions regarding your new headphones, please give us a call at Grado, (718) 435-5340 or email us at



John Grado

Only products purchased from an authorized Grado reseller will be honored under our warranty program. Grado resellers are not permitted to offer merchandise through any online auction services; hence any products purchased this way are not covered under our warranty program. When purchasing a Grado product please keep all receipts, for they will be needed to have warranty service performed.

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