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SR325is HeadphonesVIEW THE  SR325is

HI-FI CHOICE - Molto upgrade
Grado improves the respected SR325 model from its Prestige range were already impressed!
By: Richard Black

The Grado SR325i is an improved (hence the i suffix) version of the original SR325. Changes to the SR325i's driver design offer lower transient distortions and the housing is now gold in honor of Grado's 50th anniversary, congratulations!

We expect these headphones will see a lot of action, as these are indeed very capable transducers. If you're at all used to good headphones you won't be surprised to learn that the level of detail you can hear is superb, with fantastic extension in the treble. This makes the top end sound effortless and as clean as a whistle. Bass is good, too – obviously, headphones don't really hit you in the solar plexes but the Grados are rather good at making you think they can. Again, it's very clean and the absence of distortion can at first make one think the bass is light, the false impression dissipating rather quickly in the presence of really strong low frequency sounds. You'll notice the degree of insight these headphones offer into sounds – both familiar and unfamiliar – is really very impressive.

Indeed, it can sometimes be quite amusing to listen to familiar recordings on headphones like these and play "spot the edit" – or the extraneous noise or chair creak. It's not that one wants to hear them of course, but the realization that so much was previously hidden from aural view underlines how informative these headphones are, Accordingly, music becomes more involving and even if you still ultimately prefer loudspeakers, you may be surprised how hard it is to switch off and go to bed at the end of a listening session.

Grados also seem particularly good at stereo imaging, a weak point with headphones mainly because most recordings are mastered for loudspeaker listening where stereo works differently. The Grado sound seems to compensate for the departures from expected loudspeaker imaging. This is high-quality music reproduction, thoroughly deserving of serious attention.

If you're yet to be convinced of the virtues of true high-end headphones, these could do just the job. If you're already a believer, you owe it to yourself to hear these. Grado has a reputation for good cans, and it's clearly richly deserved.

HI-FI CHOICE / By: Richard Black