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PS1000 HeadphonesVIEW THE  PS1000

Positive Feedback | The Grado PS 1000 Headphones
The 7th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards - for 2010
David W. Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to Apple and their IPOD, we now love two channel and great headphones...again. We have so many choices thanks to new research and development of advanced headphone technology and top notch headphone amplifiers. I have always enjoyed headphone listening and truly believed that no dynamic cans could ever eclipse the Stax electrostatics or even the vintage Koss ESP 950 electrostatics [which are still available by the way.] Sennheiser's newest HD 800 offering and the Ultrasone Edition 8 are terrific and will really shine in a top notch amplifier. However, neither design is as linear, neutral, dynamic, comfortable and as detailed as the top of the line Grado PS 1000s.

These cans do it all. They are easy to drive and perform well in about any phone jack around. The magic happens when you plug these beauties into a really great headphone amp like the amazing E.A.R. HP4 Headphone Amp from Tim de Paravicini. With this amp, you will hear a performance that makes electrostatics sound bland and limited in the frequency extremes. Other headphones are less neutral and less realistic than the Grados. These cans tell the truth. In the E.A.R., the Grado's outperform all others and I've tried about all the latest top models.

The PS 1000s are the product of 50 years of research! Plus, Grado has realized that the body of the headphone must not resonate so they enclose the drivers in a hardwood covered by aluminum. As a result, the bass is subterranean and the definition never blurs. This is a fully mature design and built right here in America. Grado has also researched and developed new connecting cables offering a much more sophisticated wire and connector than ever before. It all results in a killer set of cans. They are the best performing headphones in the cost is no object class and the most comfortable, too! Well done Grado! $1695

Positive Feedback ISSUE 52, November / December 2010