Reference Headphones

Reference Headphones

These classic Mahogany favorites have been improved from top to bottom end. Every single component and material used in The 'e' Series has been upgraded and optimized for sensational sound.

The Mahogany wood now undergoes a new proprietary curing process that enhances its natural tone properties. Wood, being a product of nature, is subject to variations in density and other properties. Our curing process ensures consistency of the signature Grado sound. Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal on earth, is employed in The e Series headphones to prevent corrosion on connectors, and unwanted graininess in your music. Our new driver cone geometry tracks frequencies with unequaled precision, and the coil has been fine-tuned for symmetry throughout the full range. One thing we didn't change is the traditional appearance that Grado fans cherish. The open-back form factor of our headphones produces a cleaner, more authentic sonic experience.

RS1 Reviews

Here is a collection of reviews for the RS1 model that have been published over the years. Naturally the 'e' series is too new to be included so these reviews are for its predecessors. No worries though, everything good about the RS1 is still present, only better. 

RS2 Reviews

Read all about it. The audio reviewers take on the RS2 product line, and we come up smelling like a rose.


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