Prestige Headphones

Prestige Headphones

Do they look like something from yesteryear? Yes, and they embody all of the 60-plus years of Grado Labs audio research. We don't follow fads we follow the signal.

The new 'e' Prestige Series is the third generation of our moderately priced collection of headphones. You could pay three times as much for a pair of imports that can't match the sonic purity emanating from our family owned shop, where we still build headphones by hand in Brooklyn USA.

SR60 Reviews

Here is a collection of reviews for the SR60 model that have been published over the years. Naturally the 'e' series is too new to be included so these reviews are for its predecessors. No worries though, everything good about the SR60 is still present, only better. 

SR80 Reviews

Years worth of reviews for the SR80 model in all its iterations. The 'e' series reviews will be coming soon.

SR125 Reviews

The SR125 is better than ever in the new 'e' series version. Here are some legacy reviews.

SR225 Reviews

The SR225 reviews also work to the new 'e' series even though they may have been written about the earlier model.

SR325 Reviews

A collection of reviews for the SR325 model line.


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