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The Grado iGe is the latest in our line of high performance In-Ear headphones. With improved driver response, the proprietary wide bandwidth design provides the listener with an unequalled performance at this price point. The iGe headphone is also the first of Grado’s headphones to include an Apple licensed controller which includes a microphone and offers the capability to control volume, music tracks, phone calls, and Siri. The addition of the controller makes this more than just a great sounding headphone, it's now a communication tool to help you navigate the busy world we live in today.

When Grado sets out to design a new product, the most important goal is to be faithful to the music. To also be able to improve the listeners overall experience with the controller is just icing on the cake.

“Our new benchmark recommendation under £100” - BBC Music 

For Apple Devices:

Volume Up/Volume Down
Skip Track Forward
Skip Track Backwards
Fast Forward/Rewind
Siri/Voice Control

For Android:

Skip Forward
Voice Control
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  • iGe:
    Driver: Dynamic
    Connector: 3.5mm stereo mini-plug
    Frequency Response: 20 -20,000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 105dB/1mW
    Nominal Impedance: 24 ohms
    Max Input Power: 30mW
    Cable: 51"/130cm
    Weight: 9 grams

    Includes: 4 sets of ear tips

    "...to summarize, these headphones go loud, are the clearest I have ever heard and may very well be the comfiest as well. I have decided to give these a 5/5 for music listeners…"
    — All Tech Related / psp2468


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